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Gastroteka "Piggy"
on Ligovsky

Each new project of St. Petersburg restaurateur Mikhail Georgievsky (Soup Vino, Zig-Zag, Bonch and King Pong) is not like another, and Piggy Cafe, which diluted the company of Khinkal and Georgian cafes on Ligovsky Prospekt, is no exception. This is a small and cozy establishment, which certainly can have the status of "every day": it works five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, and is designed primarily for dinners - large and satisfying. Thanks to the five-day schedule, the same team is here every day, which, of course, Piggy can’t help but benefit.


Cafe with hearty food and bottle craft

Address: Ligovsky pr., 75/77

Opening hours: Tue-Thu: 13: 00-23: 00;
Fri 13: 00-01: 00; Sat: 14: 30-01: 00

The Piggy menu was composed by Chef Serge Trutto, who also worked on other projects of Georgievsky. Here you can find understandable and at the same time non-banal food: pike perch with pumpkin puree and spinach, fried chicken with caramelized Brussels sprouts, rabbit stew with vegetables, duck with lentils and port sauce, for vegetarians - potato gnocchi in porcini sauce or salad with bulgur and quinoa. Those who decide to come here for a glass of wine in the evening should pay attention to appetizers - liver and smoked salmon pastes, triffle (originally it is a layered English dessert, but here this dish is hearty - from avocado and pickled shrimps) and tiger shrimp donuts who migrated here from the Zig-Zag menu.

The cost of hot dishes in Piggy ranges from 320 to 550 rubles, salads are given on average for 270. From 13:00 to 15:30 there is a 20% discount on the entire menu. In addition, do not neglect the business lunch: lunch for 320 rubles includes soup, a decent sized dish and fruit drink in unlimited quantities. Piggy also collected a dozen sorts of bottled craft beer and delivered one draft - Ingria Pale Ale from Petersburgers AF Brew. There are a dozen classic cocktails and twists from 280 to 340 rubles and a small selection of Spanish, French and Italian wines.

In total, “Piggy” has a little more than 30 seats: you can stay at a simple wooden table or at a low counter next to the bartender - the place is no worse. The interior is decorated in soothing colors, white brick walls are decorated with copies of lithographs depicting various animals from the farm. The design project, as before, was handled by a friend and partner of St. George Stanislav Braslavsky.

Trifle with avocado and pickled shrimp - 250 rubles Fried chicken with caramelized Brussels sprouts - 380 rubles Smoked salmon paste with mini-salad and bread croutons - 240 rubles Pike perch fillet with pumpkin puree and cream spinach - 390 rubles

Chicken liver pate with mini salad
and bread croutons
180 rubles

Tiger Shrimp Donuts
and remoulade sauce
280 rubles

Savoy cabbage soup
with smoked brisket
210 rubles

Rabbit stew with baked vegetables
450 rubles

Beer Ingria IPA
230 rubles per 500 ml

Foie gras terrine with sauternes
360 rubles

Chicken liver salad mix
and port sauce
270 rubles

Baked Potato Gnocchi in Sauce
from porcini mushrooms
320 rubles

Confit duck with lentils and sauce
from port
540 rubles

Negroni cocktail
290 rubles

Avocado and pickled shrimp trifle
250 rubles

Bulgur and quinoa salad
250 rubles

Fried chicken with caramelized brussels sprouts
380 rubles

Hot chocolate cake
with cherry sauce
240 rubles

Cocoa with milk
190 rubles

Photo: Dima Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: Atari Gastroteka, San Sebastian, Spain. (December 2019).

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