The most popular dishes of Moscow, part III

In the information age of an abundance of opinions - professional or not - it is easy to get confused in the recommendations. By asking the waiter: "What is your tastiest thing?" - you can hit the sky with your finger. You don’t know how similar your tastes are or whether he was tasked with selling a specific dish. Another question may come to the rescue: "What is your most popular dish?" Of course, this is also not a 100% hit, but the maximum average option, which guarantees that the dish will be edible.

Life around decided to find out what ordinary visitors like the most, asking the employees of the restaurants themselves about it. The third issue of our mini-series includes the most popular dishes in Coffeemania, Khachapuri, the Scandinavian restaurant Bjorn, the cafe with round-the-clock breakfasts Cook'kareku, Fahrenheit, the expensive Japanese restaurant Sumosan, Strelka Bar, UDC confectionery and restaurant Chinese cuisine "Chinese news."

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The most popular dishes of Moscow, part II

"Coffee" on Bolshaya Nikitskaya

Vanilla cheesecakes

981 pieces per month



Khinkali with lamb

13,000 pieces per month

Dmitry Milyukov, Chef “Khachapuri”: “Georgian Irakli is responsible for making khinkali. He cooks them the way his father and grandfathers cooked: khinkali are dense, juicy and aromatic. Most often they are ordered to a table for large companies. A huge plate with 30, or even 50 khinkali in the center of the table is very Georgian. Everyone takes it from a large plate and eats it with their hands. Georgians never eat khinkali with a knife and fork or with sauce, but our guests have a habit of dumplings, therefore often khinkali is asked to serve sour cream or yogurt. "

PRICE:80 rubles for 1 piece

(order from 3 pieces)


Smoked trout

1,500 servings per month


Anton Kovalkov, Chef Fahrenheit: "Firstly, Karelian trout is a very popular product, and secondly, we ourselves smoke this fish, which allows us to completely control the quality."

PRICE: 590 rubles


Venison with pearl barley, cottage cheese and berry

200 servings per month

Alexander Valyugo, Manager Bjorn: “This dish has become popular since the restaurant’s first days, and its sales haven’t fallen even in the summer, when the diet is usually revised a bit in favor of lighter seasonal dishes. Thanks to the curd, pearl barley gets an even more delicate taste and the berries add the necessary acidity. All together perfectly fits with venison and mushrooms. In general, Scandinavian cuisine is closer to Russians more than it might seem at first glance. "

PRICE:1,120 rubles


Tepanyaki duck

190 servings per month

Roman Pavlov, Chef Sumosan: “I think that guests love this dish for tender meat and satiety. We have domestic duck, of very good quality. When cooked on teppana, it becomes especially tender. At the same time, teppanyaki sauce, which is prepared on the basis of soy with chicken stock and red wine, perfectly sets off the taste of duck meat. "

PRICE:1 300 rubles


Breakfast "Benedict"

Over 1,000 servings per month

Alexey Berezin, Chef of Cook'kareku restaurant: “Breakfast Benedict is one of the most interesting combinations on our menu. Eggs with salmon - I think it sounds appetizing and arouses curiosity: we didn’t eat this at home in childhood. In the classical interpretation, the egg should lie on the bun, but we serve it in Rösti, complement it with spinach and pour the Dutch sauce, which is prepared on the basis of yolks. "

PRICE:420 rubles

Strelka bar

Tuna Burger with Cole Slow Salad

1,000 pieces per month

Regis Trigel, Strelka Bar brand chef: “Strelka guests, like all Muscovites, love burgers. And tuna is the most suitable fish for burgers of such large volumes as on Strelka. This is the most ideal option for taste, regularity and stability of deliveries "We cook grilled tuna for the burger. Besides the tuna fillet, the burger also includes kimchi sauce, caramelized onions, fresh tomato, Romano lettuce leaves. Serve with cole-slow salad."

PRICE: 890 rubles

Confectionery UDC

Signature Cake UDC

1,200 pieces per month

Alexander Ilyukhin, UDC pastry chef: “The UDC signature cake is a balanced combination of crumbled Oreo cookies and air meringue with a light cream of Philadelphia and Chantilly. And on top it is strewn with fresh berries. We keep the recipe secret, but the formula for success is simple : the love of the pastry chef, as well as the freshest products.

PRICE:400 rubles - 185 grams,
4,000 rubles - a whole cake

"Chinese news"

Shanghai pork dumplings xiao moon bao with pork

2,000 servings per month

Stanislav Lisichenko, owner of the Chinese News restaurant: "In Moscow, these dumplings are popular because they are understandable to Russians. They are made from wheat dough, juicy, tasty, with rich broth inside - Chinese and Russian at the same time. Everything is molded exclusively in a restaurant, there are no more of them in Moscow" .

PRICE:360 rubles - classic

(5 pieces), 380 rubles - with truffle oil (5 pieces)

PHOTO: Alena Vinokurova

PRODUCER: Daria Malysheva


Watch the video: Huang's World - Moscow - Part 33 (December 2019).

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