What is given for chekins in Moscow

Life around announces the thematic week “Cheap Moscow” - for five days we will talk about how to spend as little money as possible and at the same time feel comfortable in the metropolis. In this material - about what they give for chekins in Moscow cafes and restaurants.

Table of contents

1. How to save

2. Second-hand guide

3. Promotions and bonuses in Moscow cafes

4. Inexpensive hairdressers and salons

5. Inexpensive and tasty cafes

6. How to save on homemade food

7. How to get in shape without a gym

8. What do they give for chekins in Moscow

9. Where to buy and sell children's things

10. How much does it cost to keep pets at home

11. Where and what to study for free in Moscow

12. Where can I get a haircut and do manicure for free

13. How does the price of a hoodie fall during sales

14. Who and why in Moscow buys products and services for a chipper

15. How to move to another country, renting an apartment in Moscow

16. What Muscovites buy and sell at garage sales

Steak House Torro Grill

Lesnaya St., 5, p. B

Kozhevnicheskaya St. , eight

Raspberry soup for each check (you need to check in and show the check to the waiter).

Restaurant Osteria Uno

LCD "Legend of Color"
Tsvetnoy Blvd., 2

When checking in for breakfast from 09:00 to 12:00, a croissant or American as a gift.


Novinsky Blvd., 8, p. 2

A bottle of Hana Awaka soda for every third checkin.

Restaurant Delicatessen

Sadovaya-Karetnaya, 20, p. 2

For every third checkin lemonade or branded liqueur as a gift.

Puff point

Gogolevsky Blvd., 1, p. 4

Pl. Butcher's Gate, 1

Coffee as a gift for each checkin.

Restaurant White Rabbit

Smolenskaya sq., 3 (TC "Smolensky passage")

Persimmon, apple or sea-buckthorn sorbet - for each check.

Double B Coffee & Tea

Leninsky Sloboda St., 19
(BC "Omega Plaza")

Tasting cold coffee drinks for every check.

Vegetarian Restaurant Fresh

Bolshaya Dmitrovka St., 11

Ermolaevsky Lane, 10/7

A small dessert for each checkin.

Cafe Paul

St. Arbat, 54/2, p. 1

Georgian Val St., 28/45

Pyatnitskaya St., 20

Lesnaya St., 7 (BC "White Gardens")

Air meringue for each checkin.

Steak House Meat & Fish

Presnenskaya nab., 2 (SEC "Afimall City")

Lomonosovsky pr., 29, building 1

Soft drink for every checkin.

Sushi bar "Wabi Sabi"

Barrikadnaya St., 21/34

Maroseyka St., 7/8

Lower Radishchevskaya St., 5

Zubovsky Blvd., 17, p. 1

Tea kettle 500 ml Earl Gray, Assam or Moroccan Mint for each check.

Restaurant Kitchenette

Kamergersky per., 6,

Presnenskaya nab., 2 (SEC "Afimall City")

50% discount for every second ordered alcoholic cocktail or a glass of wine at checkin (the offer is not valid on weekdays from 16:00 to 18:00).

Restaurant Saperavi Cafe

1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., 27

Glass of lemonade for a photo from the menu
hugging every chekin.

Gastropub "Simple things"

Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 14

Freshly squeezed orange juice for a morning check from 10:00 to 12:00.

Restaurant "VietCafe"

Newspaper per., 3

Vietnamese coffee or Vietnamese green tea for every fifth checkin.

Restaurant "Pesto cafe"

Etc. Vernadsky, 105, bldg. one

A cup of Americano for every check.

Coffee House "Caffeine"

Pushechnaya St., 9

American for every checkin. The mayor of the coffee shop has a large cappuccino, latte, cocoa or black coffee (except for limited edition varieties) to choose from. The mayor can exercise the right to a gift no more than once a day.

"Chocolate Girl"

Michurinsky Prospect, 22

For the first check in the coffee shop Americano as a gift. For 10 chekins in 60 days - "Legendary" pancakes with chocolate.


"Daily bread"

Leningradskoye Shosse, 16a, p. 3

When ordering a basket of bread or French pastries, two standard Americanos as a gift (the offer is valid from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 12:00 and throughout the day on weekends) for each check.

Restaurant CantinaMariachi

Presnenskaya nab., 2 (SEC "Afimall City")

For each check and order from 500 rubles, a soft drink as a gift.


Presnenskaya nab., 2 (SEC "Afimall City")

For every check and when ordering from a thousand rubles, a soft drink as a gift.

Dandy cafe

New Arbat, 28

For each checkin, free Americano and mini dessert when ordering from 200 rubles.


View addresses here

Morse to any order for the first check in each of the cafes of the network. The mayor of the cafe has a 50% discount on any order within a thousand rubles.

Restaurant "Two sticks"

Restaurant chain addresses
can be seen here

Orange crumble for checkin at any Two Wands restaurant.

Cafe "Receptor"

Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 22/2

Bolshoi Kozikhinsky per., 10

A cup of Americano or espresso as a gift for each check. On Fridays and Saturdays after 22:00 instead of coffee - a glass of wine.

Restaurant Hudson Deli

Presnenskaya nab., 8 (Business Center "City of Capitals")

Paveletskaya sq., 2/2

For each check and with an account of 500 rubles, ice cream as a gift. The offer is valid from 12:00 to 18:00.

Restaurant "Teahouse Collection"

Kutuzovsky prospekt, 36A

For two chekins a liter of lemonade as a gift.

Follow me cafe

Pokrovka St., 1

For check-in from 16:00 to 00:00 Follow Me signature cocktail as a gift.

Restaurant "Spicesand Joy "

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 26

Pushechnaya St., 7/5

Classic lemonade as a gift for every check.

Zyu Cafe

Domodedovo International Airport

Lemonade for check with a comment or a hint. There is a 20% discount for the mayor’s check.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Skhodnenskaya St., 56 (SEC "Kaleidoscope")

Zemlyanoy Val St., 33 (TRC "Atrium")

Leninsky Prospect, 109 (SEC "RIO")

Dmitrovskoe sh., 163A (SEC "RIO")

7 km Pyatnitsky highway (TP "Joy")

10% discount on checkin.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Arbat St., 45/24 (Plotnikov per., 24)

Presnenskaya nab., 3 (Evolution tower)

65 grams of ice cream as a gift for chekina.

"Bio Market"

Rublevskoe sh., 30, building 1

For each checkin, a selection of Belgian chocolate candy is available.


Shokalsky Ave., 67, building 2

For every third check-in roll "Tanuki Shinsei" as a gift, with an order amount of more than a thousand rubles.


Stratonavtov Ave., 7, p. 3

5% discount for checkin.

Bar Moska Bar

Pushkinskaya sq., 5

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday for a check in from 22:00 to 00:00 a glass of whiskey with cola.


Lermontovsky prospekt, 19
(TC Phoenix)

For the check and comment - a compliment from the chef. Apparently always different.

Coffeshop company

View addresses here

The mayor of each coffee shop as a gift for a check-in drink to choose from: medium Americano, cappuccino or espresso.

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