5 books for the May holidays

John Boyne about ghosts, the adventures of orphans in New York, the Brazilian comic book about truckers, the terrible truth about bikers and a soulful journey through America in search of yourself - Elizabeth Birger and Miloslav Chemodanov chose five good new books. All of them are in Moscow stores, but just in case we left our copies at the bookcrossing points - special places in the city where people exchange books for free - all of a sudden, someone will like.

Raphael Grampa"Mezmo Delivery Service"

Rafael Grampa "Mezmo Delivery Service" in bookcrossing
Publishing houses "Komilfo" Bookcross "Bookmaker"
“Gipperion” Khokhlovsky per., 7−9, p. 3

"I put up with the fact that in my art there is no place for the viewer, but damn it, I miss ovation," complains the killer in the Mezmo Delivery Service. The debut, which began the world fame of the artist Rafael Grampa, has barely been five years since the release of the Mezmo Delivery Service, and Grampa is already on the list of the hundred most influential Brazilians.

For Russia, by the way, such thorough editions of modern comics created by independent artists are extremely rare, but it’s not even interesting in this. "Mezmo Delivery Service" is an exemplary example of a comic book as art combining high and low: a simple story about two truckers who started a fight along the route of cargo, with encrypted quotes from the classic Westerns, a sea of ​​mate and bloodthirsty with exquisite drawing. The comic becomes something like an offer to the viewer to free his eyes - and to make out in forty pages at first glance the most banal of the plots of all forty subtexts.

Gregory Hughes"The moon from the sky"

Gregory Hughes "Moon from the Sky"
Publishing House "Ripol Classic"Bookcrossing at the Winery
per. 4th Syromyatnichesky per., P. 6, in the lobby of the 6th entrance

After the death of his father, a twelve-year-old boy and a ten-year-old girl, in order not to fall into the shelter "to the damned pedophiles," go on a freight train from the Canadian prairies to New York to look for their long-lost uncle, a drug dealer.

Gregory Hughes released his debut novel at the age of “under fifty” and received the prestigious Booktrust Teenage Prize 2010 for it (a year earlier, Neil Gaiman became a laureate). Expelled from school in his native Liverpool at the age of seventeen and since then replacing, in his own words, hundreds of jobs and places, Hughes wrote “Moon from the Sky” in Iceland, where he spent eight months in a little room, the walls of which he could touch at the same time. The result of the work, without condescension, is worthy. This dangerous and ridiculous journey of a couple of orphans to the mysterious New York, of course, turns out to be something more, and the heroes are now very close to breaking the reader’s heart.

Tony Thompson "Les Miserables.In the world of biker gang violence

Tony Thompson "Les Miserables. In the World of Biker Gang Violence"
Publishing house "Centerpolygraph"Bookcrossing "Bookwright"
"Khodasevich" Pokrovka St., 6

British journalist Tony Thompson specializes in crime chronicle, and more than one of his articles has successfully grown to a whole book. The most famous is Les Miserables, the story of the most outrageous of the biker clubs. We can say that Thompson was just incredibly lucky: the book arose solely due to the fact that the former biker Daniel Boone agreed to communicate with him without concealment.

The whole story of the English biker gangs builds up around Boone's story. On his example, Thompson explains how idealism and the dream of freedom from public morality and the state system are turning into terrorism, violence, the drug and women trafficking. The line between romance and banditry is incredibly thin; you yourself may not notice how you cross it irrevocably. All this is fascinating, except that in order to read the book to the end, you need to be somewhat insensitive to the Russian language: it is already written in the dry language of a criminal chronicle, and you collect pearls in the translation on each page, like "the gang has strengthened its reputation as a factor forces "and" soon the hopelessness of the situation began to penetrate his mind. "

John Boyne"Ghosts live here"

John Boyne "Ghosts Live Here"
Phantom Press PublisherBookcrossing in the library
Library 8 named after Dostoevsky, Chistoprudny Blvd., 23

Each new book by John Boyne, the author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and the Absolutist, is an exercise in yet another stylization. It seems to him that the very thought of repetition is impossible: styles, themes, eras. Although Boyne is inspired exclusively by fiction, he owns the rare art of composing fiction with meanings, as if groping in every era for her nerve, her pain point, her main theme. At first glance, it seems that in the exemplary Victorian-Gothic novel “Ghosts Live Here” there is no subtext, only an entertaining reading. But this is not so: the story of how a young governess undertook to raise two children, and a ghost attacked her, turns out to be a completely modern conversation, not only about governesses and ghosts, but about children. Boyne offers us to think about what unbearable, almost violent oppression of excessive care we bring down on children, without asking about their own desires. And behind this obsession with children, he rightly sees a future catastrophe.

Cheryl Strade Wild. A Dangerous Journeylooking for yourself "

Cheryl Strade "Wild. A Dangerous Journey in Search of Myself"
Publisher "Exmo"Cranked Bookcrossing
Crooked lane., 10

The genre of "personal history", so popular in America, has long turned into self-parody: too often these stories are written by those who have nothing to tell. Against this background, “Wild” is a breath of fresh air, “Eat, Pray, Love,” turned inside out, the ugly insides of glossy stories about finding oneself. Cheryl Strade was a little over twenty years old when she walked across America - from Mexico to Canada, totaling more than 1,700 kilometers. She had just survived her mother’s death and a difficult divorce, got off the heroin, had not a dime in her pocket and had no idea what to do with her own life. Prior to this, the heroine had never gone hiking, was not involved in sports. She had many reasons to turn the way, but she went through it to the end, and he, of course, changed her life. However, "Wild" is not a story of a feat. This is just a story of moving forward. When the backpack wiped off your shoulders to the point of blood, when every step is made at the cost of incredible effort, when other people threaten you more than wild animals, but also help more willingly - when the movement seems almost impossible, only then you begin to understand its true value.

Photo: Semyon Katz

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