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Who voted for Russians living abroad

The Russians who were abroad could also choose the president of Russia. To do this, it was enough to come to the polling station with a passport. Despite the bad weather in Milan and Berlin, there were queues near the embassies. There were so many willing people in Phuket that there weren’t enough ballots.

In total, about 300 thousand people voted abroad, and, according to preliminary data, 85% of them chose Putin, Grudinin came in second with 5%, and Sobchak came in third with 3%. But not all countries support the current president so ardently. If in Moldova or Abkhazia about 90% of voters voted for him, and at a polling station in the military unit of the city of Dushanbe - all 99%, then in some places in Western Europe he did not get even 50%. No data from the USA and Canada yet. Life around studied how Russians voted in different cities of the world.


The number of voters - 1,093

Three leaders:

Putin - 49.12%

Sobchak - 27%

Grudinin - 8.2%


The number of voters - 931

Three leaders:

Putin - 62.3%

Sobchak - 14.72%

Grudinin - 10.96%

Tel Aviv

The number of voters - 2 069

Three leaders:

Putin - 68.76%

Sobchak - 16.34%

Grudinin - 5.46%


The number of voters - 1,048

Three leaders:

Putin - 66.76%

Grudinin - 13.28%

Sobchak - 10.12%


The number of voters - 2,227

Three leaders:

Putin - 67.37%

Sobchak - 12.63%

Grudinin - 10.47%


The number of voters - 2 814

Three leaders:

Putin - 77.58%

Sobchak - 9.17%

Grudinin - 6.22%

Hong Kong

The number of voters - 411

Three leaders:

Putin - 54.74%

Sobchak - 19.46%

Grudinin - 10.95%


The number of voters - 3 031

Three leaders:

Putin - 77.37%

Grudinin - 10.19%

Sobchak - 6.07%


The number of voters - 3 033

Three leaders:

Putin - 74.61%

Grudinin - 13.48%

Sobchak - 4.88%


The number of voters - 3 721

Three leaders:

Putin - 51.79%

Sobchak - 23.42%

Grudinin - 8.88%

Watch the video: Russian citizens living in Georgia vote (December 2019).

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