"I brought such a thing, called" local patriotism ""

In Irkutsk, the second edition of the BabrBuk series was released - the comic strip Legends of Lake Baikal. The first was a quest book in Irkutsk and Baikal, it was published in 2017 thanks to a successful collection at the crowdfunding site. The author of the project Dmitry Miromanov told Life around, who needs comics about Baikal, how not to be lazy and *** and learn to do what no one has done before.

Thanks to Uncle Misha

I worked as a designer at a major tourism company and was tired. He sat, understood that I was not doing what I liked. I love design, but I don’t like these frames. Yes, then the salary was, in principle, not bad, and stability - that’s all. But you have to come to work in the morning, there are strict rules - you can’t be late, even for five minutes. And I'm a designer: what difference does it make to me? I can sit at home to draw, the main thing is that the task is completed - it does not matter, even though you solve it from outer space. No one should be interested in your presence and your excuses. But there wasn’t such a thing.

I thought: I’ll climb to where there are people who can come up with something, since I can’t. Crowdfunding sites are just a bunch of ideas that have not yet been implemented.

At that moment, I came across a quest book, the same as the future BabrBuk, only about St. Petersburg. Me: "Wow, great!" He wrote ideas to the author, his name is Mikhail, he is from the city of Vladimir: "Awesome idea, what do you want for her?" - "I do not want anything, please use. Just tell everyone that this is Uncle Misha’s idea." I do it. We did not take the idea clean, we strengthened it and redid it a bit. The work began to boil.

People drown for your native land. When they say something on the federal television channel, it’s not important that - mostly bad - about Bratsk, I’m like: "Yes, remember about us!"

First of all, I found an artist, this is my good friend Marina Ryumshina. She said, "Wow, great." Then I thought that together, of course, it’s fun, but I need a team. "VKontakte" I create a closed group, where I invite friends, Irkutsk, who have traveled around the world. I told them: “Let's imagine that you tell a friend from Australia:“ Now I will show you Irkutsk. ”And what would you show?” And we threw pieces of 120 ideas, left 60, all this was transferred to Marina, she began to draw. The process went on for about nine months.

At first they finished the comic, then they began to collect money for it. I immediately told the guys that we can’t collect, as this is my first serious experience working on a crowdfunding site. But I promised that the book will definitely be published. I’ll sell a kidney, I’ll come up with something, but we’ll do it. We were enthusiastic, and everything worked out.

All this time I was still working in the office. He stopped going for lunch and worked on the book for an hour and a half a day.

I didn’t spend a single ruble on the PR of BabrBuk. I deduced such a thing, called "local patriotism." People drown for their native land. I myself am from Bratsk. When they say something on the federal TV channel, it doesn’t matter - mostly bad - about Bratsk, I’m like: "Yes, they remember about us!" This feeling can be presented from a positive point of view when you do projects where it is large: Baikal, Irkutsk. People are eager to talk about it, a sarafan is connecting, so promoting BabrBuk was easy.

It turned out to raise money in a month and a half. The presentation of the first “BabrBuk” was attended by 20 people, mainly close friends. They made a small buffet table. Not even on barter, but from the series: "Help me, please." The room was given by Artyom Galanov, who wrote the song "Putin's Portrait." It was a room with screens around the perimeter, a film about Baikal was shown on them. I made all kinds of mugs and souvenirs myself. I did all this and realized that it was cool, I want to do it further.

"It was very scary"

By the time of the presentation, I quit and started working for myself. It was very scary. He quit, and two months later my wife left me - at the very moment when I needed support. It was a tough period, everything fell out of hand.

Mailing of lots to those people who participated in the project began, and some of the books returned. Due to a difficult period in my life, I was half-hearted for a repeated mailing, and I am extremely ashamed. I want to fix it, for me it is important. If among the readers there are those who have not received their lot, please write to me at [email protected]

Now I have finally come to be organized. Even hired an assistant. She reminds me of what matters and when I need to do. I get an idea - I just send a voice message, and it immediately appears on the tablet. There are a lot of hobbies. If you keep all this in mind, then I will lose my mind.

Recently, I finally realized what I was doing - producing myself as a brand, and now I gradually began to pull up the guys whom I showed how to work, so that they were interested, they were called, and they received money. One person deals with this, another with this one - there are resources, I connect them, and we get a new product.

Quit, and two months from me wife left - exactly at the moment when I needed support

Recently they called and asked: "Can we for wedding comic to do? "Why not? Songs are written for the wedding

A person who can solve any issue

I have several main areas of work. The first is design, which brings me money for which I can buy coffee. The second is a carpentry workshop: production of souvenirs on the theme of Lake Baikal. Leading work only on request. In principle, I can take orders in this direction, but I don’t have the time and I don’t really want to.

I want to show talented people that they are really talented. Take the same artist with whom we painted the second "BabrBuk". When we met her, I found out from her what she does, how she earns money, and came to the conclusion: a person does not understand that she has two golden hands with which she can make smart projects and make money. I ask her: how much is it? She answers. I say: "No, it does not suit me." She: "Expensive?" - "No, it's wildly cheap! I want to give you more!" And Nastya became the first person I proposed: you draw, and I will tell you how to do it, and you will receive good orders and earn good money. I am very glad that she is not one of those creative people who say: "No, I have to create!" She said: "Of course I want, say what to do."

Now interesting offers are coming from large organizations. And recently they called and asked: "Can we make a comic for the wedding?" Why not? Songs are written for the wedding. Bam - and you get such a service out of nowhere.

All the people with whom I ran and had fun at the university are now executives, marketers, chief editors. They have in their head information that there is a person who can solve any issue, and if not, he can find people who will do it.

Not for tourists

Now we have made "Legends of Lake Baikal. Angarsk Beads" - this is a comic about Baikal, Yenisei, Angara, Irkut. This is the main legend, in which several more are sewn up. Unfortunately, very few people are interested in the legends and history of their native land. My task is to make them understand what a wonderful place they live in.

With the first “BabrBuk” it was like that. I thought we were doing it for tourists who want to see Lake Baikal, but it turned out that the target audience is local residents who buy this book in addition to other gifts from Irkutsk.

I came to Irkutsk from small town. It was built to just don't die in Siberia

In general, I came to Irkutsk from a small young city, where all the buildings are panel, and there is the Angara River. Yes, she is beautiful, and there is a beautiful hydroelectric station. But the city was built so as not to die in Siberia.

Arrived in Irkutsk, and - "but what, could it be so?" I gradually studied it, looked around. And when he came to Lake Baikal - everything, love happened forever. For all my childhood I was on the lake once, in Severobaikalsk. But then I was small and did not get high at all - it was cold and uninteresting.

I became an ardent fighter for keeping people here. There is an opinion, they say, "we have a hole here and there is nothing to do." Here you have a hole! (points to the head. - Note ed.). And until it grows up, you will not like it everywhere. And when you are happy inside yourself - it doesn’t matter if you are in Bratsk, in Irkutsk, in Bodaibo - you will be great everywhere and you want to make the city better.

For all my childhood I was on Baikal once, in Severobaikalsk. But then I was small and didn’t get high at all - cold and uninteresting

"Beginnings do something? "She says“ no. "And I watch her Instagram:" I'm eating, "" I'm on the beach, "" I'm with a dog "- Herney

"Hello, lazy w ***!"

I experiment in humans. I don’t even hide it. We once sat with a girl in a bar in Vietnam. She says, "I'm a stylist." And she shows me her Instagram - she has 25,000 subscribers. Says, they say, I have courses, but I can’t start them, I lack a corporate identity and logo. I asked: "Are you missing just that?" She answered yes. I didn’t even finish it, I went home, I sat there all night drawing. I give it back in the morning, I say: "For this I ask one thing - start doing it." You now have no excuses at all!

A week passes, I ask: "Started to do something?" She says no. And I watch her Instagram: "I eat", "I am on the beach", "I am with a dog" - garbage toils. Next week I repeat the question - again nothing. That's it, okay, you're lazy w ***. I even began to say hello to her: “Hello, lazy w ***!” She can't even answer anything. I took the last excuse from a person.

What does this give me? Probably, the courage to speak directly to people in the face: "You are lazy w ***". I help people to prove to themselves: you are doing everything right, you are not stopping, you are going forward. Otherwise, you’ll be like them, but you, Dima, don’t like what they are, and you tell them in their faces. Don’t be like that, Dimochka, you lived almost two years in this shit, delving into your head and thinking what you should be.

Basically, all people turn to me like this: design is needed here and now. For some reason, everyone is waiting for some last moment: "And now we will call Miromanov when everything is in shit and we burn." I call myself a design nurse. They can write me at 12 at night, so I take a laptop with me to any party. Everything has a price. Want at five in the morning, please, multiply the amount by two, and let's work - no problem.

For some reason, everyone is waiting for some last moment: "And now we will call Miromanov when all in shit and we burn"

In Vietnam, I recovered and realized that in Irkutsk I have more buns. Here I have a lot of great friends, Baikal, son. Now the son is my corefanchik. He is four years old, but he is well done, he brings together a lot of things, and it's cool! I pick it up three times a week, and as soon as I give it back, I immediately begin to get bored.

I am inspired by people, I try to communicate as much as possible. An example of the birth of one of the ideas: we met at a bar with a friend, drank coffee, talked, I said: "I thought," Ve "means" Vendetta, "and in Irkutsk? Vampilov? And make a print!" He: "Cool, but what about Volzhskaya, Valentin Rasputin?" The answer is: "So you can do a whole series! Camille, fix, please."

This is how it is born - when you simply find people who are close in spirit. You can just talk to them about anything, chat, have fun. But the main thing here: any dialogue can be used in plus, just learn to capture useful information. Ideas are born of nonsense, do not be afraid to think about all kinds of crap.

Photo: cover, 2, 3, 4 - Natalya Kazakova; 1, 5, 6 - Ekaterina Zyryanova

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