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Clear and smart food: What to eat and drink at Simple Wine & Bar

Simple Wine & Bar opposite TSUM is a winery on one floor and a bar on the second. Any wine can be ordered to the table, or take with you. The collection contains more than a thousand items, and the bar has an open kitchen and 70 seats. We asked the chef about the atmosphere of the place and what to try.

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Pavel Annenkov

Our menu is clear and at the same time smart food. Even if there are only two ingredients on the plate, complex manipulations took place with them. But guests are hardly interested in knowing how many hours their lamb languished, and how many minutes it was pickled - the result is important.

We are always looking for unusual products, and often this is not easy: you can’t get them at the click of a finger or in a fairy tale. We mainly buy from vegetable companies and cooperate with farmers. For example, in the Moscow Region, Camembert is prepared for us, and every day we get freshly baked ciabatta and buckwheat bread.

Our visitors are united by a love of wine, and we support their wonderful feelings. We have a California collection, a large assortment of burgundy and over 500 burgundy options. Once a month we update more than 10% of the wine assortment, and the offer by the glass changes every day.

Our team has 12 people who work as a single organism. In those rare moments when there are no orders, we joke and laugh together or discuss what else to surprise our guests with. So, for example, in the spring we refreshed the menu, including adding lunches. By the way, I go out into the hall every day - I sit down at the same table with the guests and communicate. I listen to people and understand what they liked and what can be improved.

Simple Group President

Maxim Kashirin

We opened Simple Wine & Bar in a symbolic place as a project combining quality cuisine, a large selection of wines and affordable prices. In the center there weren’t enough wine places where you could either come for the whole evening or run into one glass.

We focus on high quality products and their unusual combinations. The menu developed by brand chef Adrian Ketglass turned out to be dynamic and stylish - it includes all the most relevant, so that you can have lunch, dinner, and choose snacks for wine.

And most importantly, Simple as an importer can make a good wine offer - our card includes more than 200 positions of strong alcohol and about a thousand wines, almost all of them can be ordered by the glass. At the same time, wine prices are the same as in all our wineries - without restaurant margins. You can drink the purchased bottle in the hall, having paid a small service charge.

Not everyone can afford to constantly go to expensive gourmet restaurants. To keep the bar democratic, we do not use black caviar and oysters

Photographer: Victoria Dim

Etude in black with rapan and rice

640 rubles

Our experimental dish. On the plate is risotto from rice Nero Venere (black rice), an ordinary Black Sea saffron, with which we, however, work so that it is as soft and tender as possible. We also add the sauce of mozzarella and basil, and on top lay the pieces of the pomelo, passed through nitrogen. The dish has both traditional French notes and accents of new cuisine.

Grilled squid supplemented with sweet potato cream and lime gel

460 rubles

This is our variation of the classics. We decided to play with the well-established combination of potatoes and squid and added sweet cream from sweet potato, a little parsley and garlic, a mix of paprika and salads. But the most important is a lemon note. This sweet and sour, fresh and light snack is good for warming up.

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